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Hebrides News

A new Gaelic hymn book has been published.


Three members of Kilmuir Church of Scotland in Skye produced the book which contains 100 hymns, many being translations of old and modern texts.  


It also features a number of original Gaelic hymns.


The hymn book, called Seinneamaid Còmhla (Lets sing praise together)  also contains photos of local scenes.

New Gaelic hymn book launched  

12 December 2014

Kilmuir and Staffin is one of the few areas in the Highlands and Islands where Gaelic is still used in regular worship.


The hymn book will be available as a resource for pupils.


Former moderator of the Church of Scotland, Very Rev Lorna Hood, said: "I am delighted that this new book of Gaelic hymns will speak to a younger generation in the Gaelic medium schools all across the country, in their assemblies and worship.


“It will also hopefully stir the hearts of an older generation as they too strive to relate their faith to modern day living.


"Even those of us who are non-Gaelic speakers can look forward to new inspiring words and music from the culture which derives from the heart of our nation."