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The SNP group in Comhairle nan Eilean Siar say they are actively pursuing a real opportunity to bring about change to local politics following their election last Friday.


The top posts in the council will be voted upon on Tuesday  a new Leader, Convener and committees, the SNP Group is engaging positively with independent members on the best way forward for the Comhairle, which could involve a new constitutional set up.


Group leader Donald Manford said: “There is clearly a great demand for change from the people of the Western Isles.


“This is most evident in Uist, where only one out of six sitting councillors remains.


“We now have the most real and exciting opportunity yet to effect real change. The SNP group stand ready to support and give effect to such change.”


Their “immediate attention” is focused on who should occupy the role of convenor.


According to the SNP, the convenor should stand as the emblem of what “we seek to achieve; bringing young families to our islands.


“We believe we should be radical in our approach and consider choosing from the youngest amongst us for this role.


“This would be a real statement of intent in terms of the comhairle’s priorities over the next few years.”


Mr Manford said: “It’s very difficult to change old ways.


“But even the chief executive, to his credit, mapped out how the constitution could be altered or renewed to facilitate a modern administration, should councillors be sufficiently bold to embrace the will of the people.”


New comhairle offers “real chance of change” say SNP group

12 May 2017