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Householders are urged not to remove or damage bird nests during spring.


Every year, birds’ nests are destroyed by people felling or pruning trees and scrub or doing building work.


Other common examples are blocking entry holes to swift and starling nests located in houses or house martin nests being damaged under the eaves of houses.


Nests may also suffer damage while sites are being cleared for development.


As well as these risks to wildlife, dogs which aren’t under control may disturb ground nesting birds.


Interfering with any wild bird nest while it is being built or in use can attract a fine up to a maximum £5,000.


Andy Turner, SNH’s wildlife crime officer, said: “Birds are very vulnerable during spring and summer, so we’d urge people to be very careful and check for nests before beginning any major garden or building work.


“With many of our garden bird species declining, a few simple checks or changing the timing of works to avoid the bird breeding season can help conserve birds and prevent offences from being committed.”



Islanders urged to be aware of nesting birds

5 April 2017