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It seems that once again the Western Isles Labour party are going to take their negative campaigning stance from their leader at Holyrood.

This is where you attempt to deflect attention from your own lack of policies and vision by simply repeating the mantra "SNP bad". In the Western Isles we get the personal touch with arch labourites attacking Angus MacNeil personally, not his party or the policies he represents

Every election is the same with Labour trying the same old negative tactics. How many times do the electorate have to reject negativity before Labour try and make a positive case.

I shall be voting for Angus MacNeil on the 8th June

Mr MacNeil and his party are the only party capable standing up for Scotland against a Tory party set on returning us to 19th century levels of equality as a weak and inefficient labour party look helplessly on.

Michael A MacLeod
3 Cialla
Isle of Barra


Letter: Labour’s “negative campaigning”

11 May 2017