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More than 1,500 islanders could be hit by the increase in national insurance for self-employed people says MP Angus MacNeil.


The MP said small businesses in the Highlands and Islands have a higher than average proportion of the population are self-employed.


Chancellor, Philip Hammond, made the announcement in his budget speech this week.


Mr MacNeil said: “Entrepreneurs are key to the success of the economy particularly in fragile economic areas like Western Isles.


“Self-employed people do not have the same protection as employees and an additional tax rise is a betrayal by the UK Government who said they would not do this.”


He added: “The SNP wholeheartedly believe in a flexible labour market, but that flexibility must be guarded against vulnerability.


“The UK Government has a poor track record on workers protection and rights, and it is vital that we seek every option to ensure that self-employed workers are fully protected.”

MP hits out at national insurance increase


11 March 2017