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Ealasaid MacDonald, the Scottish Labour candidate, talking on Radio Nan Gaidheal last Friday, came across as a candidate determined to put our islands first and breathe life into the economy. It was obvious that she understands that stimulating our economy is the only way to boost jobs and thereby reverse the population decline.


Contrasting Ealasaid MacDonald’s contribution to Mr MacNeil’s, our SNP MP for the past 12 years, it was shocking, but not in the least surprising, that he had so little to say when asked about his own achievements for our islands.


He struggled to name RET (which the SNP denied to hauliers, the lifeblood of our economy, for some considerable time) and motorbike tests.


This week, Ealasaid MacDonald is calling for a special tourism top-up fund for the islands that can be used by the local authority to improve facilities for visitors and boost our tourism industry on which we are increasingly reliant. She says we will hear more about her further pledges very soon.


This is what we need. An MP with vision and ideas to stimulate our economy. And here again, it is refreshing that Ealasaid MacDonald is keen to work closely with the local authority for the betterment of our islands.


Mr G. Macdonald,

40 Upper Bayble,




Letter:  Islands need a MP “with vision”

17 May 2017