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The SNP agent, Margaret Martin, seems to confuse "personal attacks" with "legitimate questioning of the sitting MP's record" which most people in the Western Isles, including many who have voted SNP, would agree is long overdue.


As for policy, it seems to me that Ealasaid MacDonald has already made two important policy statements which differentiate her from her opponent.


  1. She has stated that the MP must work closely with the local authority and also across party lines in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the Western Isles.


  1. She has stated that we should accept the outcome of both the independence and EU referendums and move on from there, instead of demanding replays.


On both of these, Mrs MacDonald is offering the electorate options that are completely at odds with the record and behaviour of Mr MacNeil.

Furthermore, if he is interested in talking about 'policy,' he will presumably welcome Mrs MacDonald's excellent proposal for debates involving all the candidates throughout the Western Isles.

Brian Chaplin,

Innis Mara,



Isle of Lewis


Letter:  “Legitimate questioning” of MP's record

12 May 2017