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Much has been said in recent years about the contribution/or the lack of it, motorhomes makes towards the local economy and much more has been said since Alasdair Allan MSP proposed a levy on motorhomes coming to the Western Isles.


This proposal is the most ill thought out I have ever heard along with the suggestion made by Micheal Macleod of the Isle of Barra to impose this levy and put it towards camping facilities. If one was to start a business eg. a hotel, shop, or garage and suggest charging the customer for services to be provided in two or three years time such a suggestion would be laughable.


The Western Isles is very poorly prepared for tourism in general and camping and caravaning/motorhoming in particular. My advice from experience as a motorhome owner is to provide the service first and then charge for it accordingly. If the service is there, tourists do not begrudge paying for it, but expecting people to pay for something that is non established and non existent is only going to deter visitors.


Word would soon circulate via associations such as the Camping and Caravan Club about such a levy and visitors would avoid the added expense being added on to the already extra expense of ferry fares.


My advice to Dr Alasdair Allan SNP MSP is, "provide the services first and then charge accordingly." I am willing to give him further advice if he wishes to contact me.


Angus Macleod

15 Tolsta Chaolais


Letter:  Motorhome levy is bad idea

22 Sept 2017