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I don't know what kind of doctor your correspondent David Wilson is but his specialist subject does not appear to be local government in the Highlands and Islands. By denouncing individuals with known party affiliations who stand for election without party labels as "dishonest and cowardly," he is maligning many outstanding personalities in the history of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and other authorities, including some respected figures of his own political persuasion.


It is also difficult to reconcile Mr Wilson's views with the press release of March 29th from Gordon Murray, another of the local SNP's leading thinkers, who looked forward to an "SNP-led administration" providing "collective leadership" for the Comhairle. However, since the SNP are only fielding nine candidates for a 31-seat council, it would require the emergence of at least seven "dishonest and cowardly" individuals who, having stood as independents, would then promptly endorse a party political "collective leadership."

Letter:  Doctor “maligning” candidates

14 April 2017

In order to avoid this undesirable outcome, it is clear that the safest course of action would be to withhold votes from those who aspire to forming a "collective leadership" without the precaution of putting up sufficient candidates to achieve it on their own account. Only by this means can we be sure of frustrating Mr Murray's "dishonest and cowardly" strategy. I am glad we can agree on that.


Brian Wilson

Cnoc na Meinn

7a Mangersta,

Isle of Lewis