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Angus Brendan MacNeil’s sudden interest and intervention in the saga of the poor service provided by Loganair (and Flybe) to communities in his ex-Western Isles constituency, beggar’s belief. 


For years, he and his Holyrood colleagues sat on the sidelines as individuals and communities complained, making excuse after excuse as to why he could not or would not act to improve the air service to the islands, other than of course to arrange meetings with themselves in Holyrood. 


In the middle of the Flybe / Loganair saga, with many islanders spending hours in cold waiting rooms waiting for flights that were either delayed or cancelled - and in many cases suffering the loss of vital medical appointments - when a similar issue to this came up in the past the then SNP local press correspondent stated that the SNP did not feel it was possible or appropriate for their government to intervene in the actions of private companies! So what's different this time? Oh yes, there's an election round the corner.


Alistair MacLennan

2 Newton Street



Letter:  Macneil's Loganair complaint

22 May 2017