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A long-range rescue has been carried out to fly a crewman to hospital after he suffered an injury on board a trawler 230 nautical miles west of Lewis.

The fisherman seriously damaged his hand in an accident while his vessel was in the Atlantic and needed hospital treatment.

The Stornoway coastguard helicopter was sent with the coastguard fixed wing plane providing top cover and support.

The crewman was winched onboard and then flown back to Stornoway Airport on Saturday afternoon..

There he was handed over the an ambulance crew and transferred to an air ambulance to a mainland hospital.

Dai Jones, duty controller for UK Coastguard, said: ‘This vessel was a long way out which meant we had to provide top cover to support the helicopter as it flew out pick up this injured man.

“We’re always glad to play our part in helping to rescue people and wish this crewman well.’


Injured crewman rescued in long range mission

27 August 2017