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Loganair gatecrashes Flybe meeting

17 August 2017

Loganair rather cheekily gatecrashed a public meeting where its rival was trying to woo islanders to come aboard its competing air service.


Flybe hired Stornoway town hall to give people “the facts” about its plans for the Stornoway - Glasgow route.


But two Loganair stewardesses  - dressed in the company’s new tartan uniform - showed up and politely handed out promotional leaflets - explaining the virtues of their airline - for the audience to mull over while waiting for the forum to get underway.


Pinning home their Scottish credentials, Tunnocks caramel wafers were distributed as people chewed over the choices proffered by the two firms.


Not to be outdone, Flybe dished out their own flyers and airline boss Vincent Hodder explained why he thought his service was the best for island travellers.


Seven return flights every week day will operate out of Stornoway Airport when both companies go head-to-head from the beginning of September.


Loganair’s warning of insufficient traffic to sustain two airlines is robustly dismissed by Flybe which accuses its competitor of over charging islanders in the past.


Fierce rivalry has already seen ticket prices dropping by about a third with great bargains for early bookers using their air discount cards.


Flybe insists it is not cherry picking the most profitable routes but intends to provide a long term service.