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It is this time again when we elect council representatives to take our woes to the seat of power.


Looking at the people standing in the Southern Isles there are some excellent persons that have put their name forward but, oh, there are some clowns as well, and old men that are half asleep when they should be on their toes.


They are there for the money. While the executive of the council are all university trained and are in their forties and fifties, the old post seventy are no match.


So don’t waste your vote to supplement a guy’s superannuated pension. Pick a young person that has a vision of how to improve our islands.


"Old men dream dreams and young men see visions" so don’t waste your vote. I was in the white house, I heard the snores.


Angus A Macdonald,




Letter:  Local politics is a young person’s game

1 May 2017