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A woman labelled a “neighbour from Hell” may end up in court over possible criminal charges for allegedly keeping a horse in unsuitable conditions in the living room of her semi-detached house on Lewis.  


Stephanie Ann Noble of 6 Broadbay View, Back, Lewis, has defied a legal care notice served by the council which required her to provide proper housing for the animal.


The SSPCA also raised concerns and has offered to find the horse suitable stabling.  


Ms Noble took the animal indoors two years ago claiming it had no grazings or winter shelter.


Inside her ex-council house, furniture has been removed while wooden pallets form a stall in her front room. The floor is strewn with bedding hay over heavy duty rubber mats. There is no smell and urine is soaked up by a layer of cat litter pellets.

In October, the Comhairle told her the “temporary arrangement” - now going on for two years - cannot continue.


The council is worried the living room is too cramped for the pony and is affecting its well-being.


Ms Noble was given a month’s period of grace in which she would not be prosecuted and a formal complaint was made to the fiscal after she failed to comply .


The 67-year-old is dubbed the “neighbour from hell” because of a running feud with many neighbours in the street.


Police have been called out numerous times over disputes between Ms Noble and local residents. The street has been nicknamed “Beruit” because of the local hostilities.  


But residents have made no complaint about her horse though a blockage in toilets in the street last year was allegedly caused by horse manure choking the main sewer.  


One observer said: “Its not the horse we have a problem with. We are very happy for the horse to stay.”


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“Neigh-bour from hell” reported to fiscal over horse lodger      16/12/13