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These politicians at Holyrood need to either get real, or have a sanity check. One doesn’t have to wonder why society is falling apart at the seams, when Holyrood politicians act the part of clueless Hollywood actors and actresses.


Whether politicians, and those who perform it, like it or not the Bible unambiguously condemns the practice of transsexuality, cross-dressing, and changing one’s sex through surgery or other means. The truth is that you can never change your sex–you can only mutilate your body to make it appear as if you’ve changed your sex. You’re always going to be the sex you were born with, no matter how much you try to mask it. A person can falsify their identity but he or she can’t falsify their birth certificates or their DNA. God’s Word makes that clear.


It is interesting that, just very recently, across the pond the US President, Donald J Trump, has overturned Obama-era guidance allowing transgender students to use school ‘locker-rooms and bathrooms’ matching their gender identity. As a consequence, boys can no longer pop up in the girls’ toilets, and neither can the girls pop anything out in the boys’ toilets.


The White House has also removed from its website all official pages relating to ‘LGBT rights and transgender equality’ as neither – over which we are ecstatic – will be supported or funded by the new administration. It is deeply encouraging and heart-warming to see that it also recognises marriage as the union of one man and one woman ‘to the exclusion of all others’ and that federal funding for groups that perform and promote abortions overseas has been withdrawn. The prospect of funds being withdrawn from all US abortion groups is also very likely. All this is refreshing and wonderful news.


What is happening at this very moment at the White House in Washington is what is desperately needed at Holyrood, in Edinburgh. Yes, a complete sweep-out and a major overhaul. What was insane, before the new president arrived, is slowly becoming sane again. Yes, he has his faults, flaws and failings but President Trump is miles ahead of First Minister Sturgeon, with his administration going the right way, and hers the wrong way…down the path of sinfulness and wickedness.


As the Bible reveals: ‘Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people’ (Proverbs 4:34). For the good of our nation, we need another Mr Donald J Trump in Holyrood.


Mr Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road






No, you just couldn’t possibly make this up, even if you spent a lifetime trying to. Holyrood politicians’ continuing obsession with so called ‘LGBT’ related issues knows no bounds, with MSPs currently fixated on, what they call ‘transgender equality.’ What they conjure up is quite mindboggling.


Not only is the SNP Government determined to change the…wait for it…gender recognition law, so as to recognise people who identify as neither male nor female, they are now calling for 2017 to be recognised as a ‘year of progress for transgender equality.’


Letter:  “Holyrood should not be LGBT friendly”

3 March 2017