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The new Leverburgh lifeboat has been launched.


The vessel which has been named RNLB Stella and Humfrey Berkeley entered the water at the RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat centre in Poole.


The lifeboat will now be tested in sea trials.


She is due to arrive at her South Harris station in April.


Leverburgh’s volunteer crew is undertaking additional training to familiarise themselves with the new boat.

The £2.2 million lifeboat is the 13th vessel of the new Shannon class to roll off the production line.


Using water jets instead of traditional propellers will make her agile and manoeuvrable particularly in the shallow waters of the Sound of Harris.


The new lifeboat is also capable of reaching speeds up to 25 knots which means that her volunteer crew can reach casualties sooner.


Leverburgh RNLI has been called out over 80 times since it was established five years ago.


RNLI/Nathan Williams


New £2.2 million Leverburgh lifeboat is launched

10 January 2018