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Hebrides News

A bid for community ownership of a surplus part of Leverhulme School has received the backing of a public meeting.


Around 90 people attended the forum on Monday night over plans to save a threatened school building.


The comhairle angered locals by proposing to demolish the "old block" as it is known locally.


Leverhulme Memorial School Steering Group was set up to rescue the premises.


The body plans to convert it into a multi-use facility incorporating a museum for the local historical society, a cafe, gym, laundrette, and charity shop.


Some 60 people indicated they were willing to volunteer in running the completed facility.


Purchase costs are unknown at this stage but the steering group has set a fundraising target of £350,000.


Steering group secretary, Alan Ross, said they now have the “green-light to plough ahead with the fundraising.”


“The place is just buzzing” after the positive outcome of the meeting, as there was a “strong feeling to save the building.”


Western Isles councillors previously allowed the group breathing space to firm up their plans and has agreed to transfer the building to the community.


The “old block” was originally built by former island landlord and soap king, Lord Leverhulme, during his drive to industrialise the island.



Community give “green light” for Leverburgh hub plans  

31 January 2017