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Barra teenager Laura MacIntyre who was badly injured in the Manchester terror attack has returned home.

The 15-year-old was in a critical condition after a nail bomb was detonated at the Ariana Grande concert in May.

She attended the event with friend Eilidh Macleod, 14, who was tragically killed in the blast.

Laura arrived on Barra today (Tues) some 100 days after the atrocity.

Since the blast she has been in hospital receiving treatment for severe limb injuries.  

The teenager was on a ventilator for a period.

In July, after 45 days in the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital she was transferred to hospital in Glasgow.

Her progress is better than expected. Wearing a special moulded plastic boot on her leg allows her to walk short distances.

Daily physiotherapy strengthens her leg muscles and the use of a hydrotherapy pool has aided her recovery.

Manchester man Niall Pentony saved her life after the nail bomb was detonated as she and Eilidh left the concert arena.

Mr Pentony - a travel safe officer on Manchester’s public transport network - was walking by when “this girl grabbed hold of my leg.

“Instantly I dropped to the floor onto my knees.

“I rolled her onto her side, started talking to her and keeping her going.”

He stayed with Laura, holding her hand and comforting her while she waited for treatment.




Laura MacIntyre arrives home on Barra

29 August 2017