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Nearly 500 people attended a Jeremy Corbyn rally in Stornoway last night.

The Lewis Sports Centre was almost full to capacity to hear first serving Labour leader to visit the Western Isles in 19 years.

Mr Corbyn said a Labour government would ensure new policies are assessed on their impact on rural communities.

He said: “Rural communities have been taken for granted for too long.

“There has been chronic under-investment in transport, broadband and public services, with rural infrastructure and industry neglected.

“Labour will invest in transport, broadband, public services, housing and environmental and coastal protections – vital for the economy and the rural way of life.”

He also backed building a subsea cable to the mainland to export renewable energy produced by island windfarms.

Ensuring decent broadband is another priority while the problem of ferry travel to and from the islands in the peak summer has to be resolved, which in turn will help tourism he said.

Mr Corbyn left Stornoway on Thursday to campaign in the central belt.

He admitted his party has a “lot of work to do” in Scotland as he seeks to earn their confidence of Scots and convince people the “policies we are campaigning for are realistic, affordable and would transform their lives for the better.”

“We are on a permanent campaign footing” with the Western Isles seat high up on the party’s list highlighted Mr Corbyn who believes the next general election may not be far off with the Conservatives in “complete disarray.”

He pledges no tax rises on 95% of earners, ending austerity and “properly” funding public services.

A Real Living Wage of £10 per hour would be introduced by 2020, said Mr Corbyn.

The next Labour government would provide an extra £3 billion per year to the Scottish Government to spend how it saw fit, he stated.

In addition “we will provide Scotland with an additional £20 billion to invest in the jobs, skills, infrastructure and industries of the future.”

Labour would also lift the public sector pay cap he said, urging the Scottish Government to do the same.

Pensioner incomes would be protected by keep the triple-Lock on state pensions, he promised.



Large crowd attends Jeremy Corbyn rally

24 August 2017