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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people of the Western Isles for the way they responded to my bid to seek election. Not just those who voted for me, but also to those who reacted to me in a positive manner, even though their vote lay elsewhere. I started the campaign with very little recognition and I am proud to say that by the end people were approaching me in the supermarket to discuss the issues facing our islands.


I believe I made a strong case for change in the islands and I stand by the approach I took. I believe in our islands and our potential. Over and over again, on the doorsteps, people expressed concern about the impact talk of a second independence referendum was having on our communities and our country. I agree. I respect people who have a strong belief in a cause, even though I do not share their belief. However, sometimes we must set that to one side to ensure that our communities are not jeopardised.


The campaign was short and very difficult. The worst of humanity hit our islands which showed the very best of our islands. I don't think any of us will forget this.


So, five weeks after starting, I found that 5,000 of my fellow islanders had put their faith in me and crossed the box next to my name. A combination of my realistic but positive approach to the difficulties we face and a strong Labour manifesto which was steeped in the values that most islanders hold dear - community, compassion and equality.


I promised you that if you gave me your vote then I would fight for the islands. I was not elected, but I will carry on fighting. Please continue to come and chat in the supermarket, or anywhere else, because I am going to do everything I can to ensure our islands have a viable future. Mòran taing.


Ealasaid MacDonald

Labour Party candidate

Letter:  Labour - thank you for your votes

13 June 2017