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Highlands and Islands Conservative MSP Donald Cameron has waded into the announcement that the Labour leader is heading to the Western Isles on a whistle stop tour of Scottish constituencies.


Jeremy Corbyn says he is on a “general election footing” and is travelling around a number of target constituencies in Scotland.


The Scottish Conservatives point out Labour only gained 446 extra votes in June’s general election compared while the Scottish Conservatives picked up 1226 extra votes - their best result in the islands since 1970.


Donald Cameron said: “This is a desperate attempt by the Labour Party to seek revival in constituencies like the Western Isles which they have abandoned and ignored for some time now.”


In May’s council elections this year, Labour “barely made any headway” in the Western Isles while the Scottish Conservatives marked a record result and now have a local councillor in the comhairle for the first time ever.


“Labour offered the islands nothing in their recent manifesto and this is simply a case of Jeremy Corbyn looking to make up the numbers at the next general election."


“Desperate” Labour offers the Western Isles nothing say Tories


22 August 2017