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I have found recent letters on your pages a great source of amusement, and the letter entitled ‘Corbyns manifesto will boost Western Isles’ dated 17 May was no exception. In the first paragraph alone there were two cracking jokes alone.


The first, claiming that the only way to oppose the austerity of a Tory and the hardest of Brexit was to vote for a party that had abstained or voted for those very things.


The second was the dream that Labour could form the next Westminster Government, when at the moment it cannot even form a cohesive political party because of its own internal bickering.


I would rather not waste your readers time going through the rest of the letter, but may I point out two items of interest? The Labour manifesto (the real one from London, not the pretendy one from Edinburgh) is virtually a copy and paste job of what the current Scottish Government is already implementing. Also, the only MP that Labour currently have has only got one policy – Stop the SNP!


WA Johnston




Letters:  Scottish Labour’s “pretendy” manifesto “is a joke”

19 May 2017