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Matt Bruce claims (Letters 6th April) that there is no appetite for fighting elections under party labels in the Western Isles.


So who put up all those posters stating "Vote Grant, Labour" in May 2016. Or "Vote Morrison, Labour" (May 2015), "Vote Crichton, Labour" (May 2011) and "Vote MacSween, Labour" (May 2010).


So when exactly did this lack of appetite for "no party labels" start? May 2017? In which case, it is a stunt by members of a party in its death throes, who are too ashamed and embarrassed to admit their affiliation. Are they hoping to win votes by calling themselves "independent" and fooling the electorate? Some might call them liars and cowards.


There may be a case for keeping party politics out of local government. If only it didn't come from the mouths of people who hope to devote their next five years on the Comhairle to slagging off the SNP and making propaganda for the Labour Party.


Mr Bruce accuses the SNP of allowing its members to be independent candidates. For a number of years now, members have had to stand on the party ticket.


Dr David Wilson

12b Tolsta Chaolais
Isle of Lewis


Letter:  Labour trying to “fool the electorate”

7 April 2017