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I sincerely hope that she secures support from the electorate in June to allow her to use her many talents and abilities to promote and fight to improve our islands. I know that Ealasaid has the necessary qualities to make a real impact.


As our new MP, Ealasaid would begin the process of restoring the former good name of our islands, sadly lost as a result of years of negative headlines and acres of newspaper print about our MP. Not one headline or any of the repetitive stories over the past 12 years, in which he featured, has improved our lives or work in our islands. We now need an MP who is focussed and able to take on the many issues of vital importance and deal with them in a professional and respectable manner.


We desperately need an MP who will put the islands first, does not disgrace us - and actually does represent us – Ealasaid MacDonald has all the necessary qualities for this important and honourable position.


Ada H Campbell

Druim Dubh


Isle of North Uist


Letter:  Labour candidate will “put the islands first”

9 May 2017




Next month, constituencies across the UK will choose their member of the UK Parliament for the next 5 years. In the Western Isles, we have yet another opportunity to elect a credible person to represent us at Westminster. We are in desperate need of a decent, competent and hard-working MP.


I am delighted that Ealasaid MacDonald (nee Nicholson) has been chosen by the Labour Party as its candidate. Ealasaid is a very capable and decent woman whom I have known since I taught her at Lionacleit School. I have followed her progress through Aberdeen University and beyond. She has now been re-settled in the islands for several years with her husband and family in Stornoway.