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Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has slammed Labour over its claims querying the UK Government’s commitment to island wind farms.


The Scottish Conservative politician accused Labour of ignoring the development of renewable energy in the Hebrides, claiming its UK manifesto at the recent general election did not offer any support for island turbines.


Ms Laird  and MSP Rhoda Grant maintained the Conservative Party pledged to build a Minch interconnector to export renewable electricity from island turbines. They urged the UK government to get on with it.





Lesley Laird also claimed a future Labour government would “rural-proof” all their policies.


However, the Tories’ manifesto did not mention the subsea cable but said it would support island wind projects which directly benefit island communities says Mr Cameron.  


Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron stated: “It is a bit rich for Labour to make these demands when their UK-wide manifesto never mentioned remote island wind once.


“As usual, Labour are coming late to this, and it’s about time they set out their own vision for the islands rather than merely piggy-backing on ours.”


He added: “It is clear Labour are putting the horse before the cart and don’t understand the difference between constructing an interconnector and making a commitment to subsidising island wind projects.”


Mr Cameron stressed the Tories made a “very specific pledge” in its manifesto to support the development of island wind projects where there is community benefit.


Both he and the UK Government meet regularly with the Comhairle and other local stakeholders - both in Lewis and at Holyrood - “to discuss how we can deliver on that commitment” he said.



Labour accused of appropriating Tories’ vision for the Western Isles  

19 Sept 2017