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In his recently published statement, Matt Bruce of the Labour Party states ”further cuts to local authority grants with “no whimper of complaint from local SNP politicians”” followed by “once more local SNP politicians are unwilling to protect the islands' economy and communities from cuts.”


After 40 years of giving our oil money away to London, in return for £1.7 trillion of debt and food banks, we still have a Labour Party whose central policy is to do the same with the next 40 years of oil money. This makes the two statements from Mr Bruce sound just a tad hollow.


My advice to Mr Bruce would be to join the growing movement who wants to stop giving the oil money away, and spend it where it’s needed, that’s right here in Scotland on Scottish people.


Gordon Maclennan

15a Coll

Isle of Lewis.


Letters:  Labour and cuts

24 December 2016