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An islander who admitted two charges of police assault and creating havoc has been jailed for 16 months.


Martin Paul, 30, also had his car legally forfeited.


Paul of The Acres, Island Road, Stornoway, was sentenced for a series of offences when he appeared at Stornoway Sherff Court.


Lawyer Angus Macdonald said he only got into trouble after coming off his medication which was making him sleepy and affecting his work.


He told the court it was not worth taking his £500 car as it could cost more to dispose of.

Stornoway man loses his freedom and car  

7 Oct 2017

Procurator fiscal Robert Weir said Paul ran off when police attended one incident in a grassed area in Stornoway’s Macaulay Road on the evening of 23 September. But he turned around and threw a bottle of Buckfast “narrowly missing them.”


Paul then tripped and fell and was caught and handcuffed. He tried to “wriggle away” and struggled with the officers until they placed him in leg restraints.


Later, he spat on a police officer’s face through a cell door hatch at Stornoway police station.


One another occasion in June, an aggressive Paul threw a tumble drier and was uttering violent threats.


At one point he was lying “face down in the garden” and started shouting “threats and screaming” when he got up, said the fiscal.


Paul also repeatedly refused to give a breath test to police when he was suspected of drink driving.


In July at the Acres hostel in Stornoway he was threatening, abusive, banging on doors and tables, and throwing items around.


The following week he was aggressive and struggled with police officers at the same premises.


Sheriff David Sutherland jailed Paul for 16 months and banned him from driving for a year.