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A Lewis man has been fined £400 for growing cannabis.

Bryan Macleod pleaded guilty to the offence at Stornoway Sheriff Court.

The court was told police acted on information received and obtained a warrant to search his house in Ranish, North Lochs.

They turned up with a sniffer dog on 30 November.

Macleod, 26, co-operated with police during the search and directed police to a cupboard where a plant was drying.

Cannabis plants were being grown in the property. Lights and drug cultivating equipment were also found.

Macleod acted on his own the court heard.

Solicitor Daivd Teale said his client used the drug as pain relief but stopped after the raid.

Sheriff David Sutherland also order the equipment be confiscated.



Islander fined for growing cannabis

9 April 2018