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Ransacking Turkey and Armenia, slaughtering all on the spot, including native Christians, such was their bloodlust. Killing all men, women and children, tearing the limbs from the children and eating their flesh, the screaming of the Muslims being replaced by drunken singing from the out of tune Crusaders.

The western Crusades were the first wave of European colonisation in the name of Christianity-brutally terrorising and murdering peace loving people in order to take over their land and resources. Starting in the eleventh century and never really truly ending, Europeans hatred and fear of the Arabs and Islam has been ingrained deeply into conscience of the west. No doubt a collective guilt, a fear of the knowledge of atrocities committed in the name of our religion creating a fear of reprisal.

Is it not time to be rid of this superstitious nonsense and to extend the hand of friendship, to "Love thy neighbour as thy would thyself?"

At the very least, the building of a mosque in Stornoway should be viewed as a step forward - celebrated in the extending of peace, love , forgiveness and mutual acceptance and tolerance. If you are religious, then let God be your judge.

Amanda Darling
6 Bain Square


Letter:  Island mosque is a “step forward for mutual acceptance and tolerance”

19 Sept 2017


The good people of the islands are renowned the world over for their welcoming hospitality.

I know many Muslims living on the islands. They are peace loving, kind generous, welcoming, friendly, fun, generous and contribute to the islands by way of much needed people, children, businesses, economy, employment opportunities.

Yet people who bring up "1400 years" of pseudo-history seem to have no hold on history whatsoever.


In fact, the Christians are the ones who waged war on their neighbours. The Christians (oh, such is our shameful history) were "pure racists" directing their violence towards anyone with dark skin and anyone who wore different clothes to them.