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A visitor centre to tell the story of the Iolaire disaster is being planned.

Stewart Graham of the Gael Force Group revealed the proposals during a meeting with the official Iolaire Working Group in Stornoway.

The aim is to establish a visitor attraction which will form part of the legacy of the Iolaire centenary commemorations.


► Preparations to commemorate 100 years since Iolaire disaster


Over 200 naval men who were returning home at the end of WW1 drowned when the Admiralty yacht Iolaire sank on the Beasts of Holm in the early hours of  New Year's Day 1919.

Only 79 people made it ashore alive in what is Britain's worst peacetime maritime disaster.

The vast majority of the dead came from Lewis. Seven belonged to Harris while 31 were crew members from different parts of the UK.

The proposed centre, which is currently at a very early planning stage, would be based in Stornoway.

The building will include an exhibition area, a high-end destination restaurant and all in all, will provide a high quality visitor experience.

It is anticipated that a project plan will be completed by December 2018 with a view to works beginning in 2020.

The Iolaire Working Group is planning commemorative events in the run up the 100th anniversary of the worst Royal Navy peacetime maritime disaster in less than a year’s time.


Proposal for Iolaire visitor centre  

31 January 2018