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Bronze cast to represent ship’s mast and rigging

Bronze model of an eagle onto of a tall column. With or without weathervane.

Cluster of posts, masts, pillars, stone monoliths located across the tide where the men came ashore

Bronze rope and liferaft with central post (shown) to represent mast boom. Heaving or throwing line attached to a frayed hawser (ship’s mooring rope) Six foot long life raft on each side.  

Bronze cast to represent the sea with a border of Gaelic text. Atop would sit a bronze cast of a life-jacket recovered from the Iolaire

Digital projection of names swept by a lighthouse beam. Projection could be inside a building or projected onto a building. Another option is to have it revolving around within a circular form on a suitable site  

Light on top of a mast projecting the names of the lost servicemen onto the sea at Holm in December and January each year.

Photos: Design proposals for new memorial sculpture to mark Iolaire disaster centenary

17 April 2017

A selection of Images of some proposed designs for a memorial sculpture to make the 100th year anniversary of the Iolaire disaster