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The hostile left-wing liberal media, alias ‘fake news’, will be the last to inform you, but Mr Donald J Trump, the man with Scottish blood running through his veins, is doing quite a good job at the White House as president of the United States. No this is not ‘fake news’ it is factual: the statistics confirm it.


Surely no-one can despise the 63 million clear-thinking Americans who voted for a candidate who they believed would ‘drain the swamp’ and ‘make America great again’ as he pledged. Like him or loathe him the ‘change-maker’ president has disrupted the political establishment and shaken up the status quo in Washington, with volcanic force.


His election had all the makings of a major, sweeping, and decisive reform movement at Capitol Hill and he has certainly not disappointed those who voted him into power. In a recent poll, across the pond, many who were initially against him now intend to vote ‘Trump’ next time round. In fact, with his popularity increasing daily he is, believe it or not, currently on track to win re-election again in 2020 and back into the Oval Office.


Putting to one side his silly twitter messages, rhetoric nonsense and countless unpolitical demeanours the reality is this: President Trump accomplished many of his campaign key-promises by his 100th day in office, and he had already made significant progress by then, most notably by reducing regulations, enforcing American immigration laws, and appointing and having the Senate confirm his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Yes, in his first 100 days as president, Trump signed the most pieces of legislation of any president since Harry Truman and more executive orders than any previous president.


Currently the stock market, along with consumer confidence, is at an all-time high in the US. Regarding dollars, he has saved $22 million by reducing White House payroll (he has given the kaput to all the snobs and rascals working there) while the Department of Treasury reports a $182 billion surplus for April 2017, the 2nd largest in history. In the process of gutting 800 Obama-era regulations, he saved an incredible $89 billion while freeing up companies to hire again and get the economy moving forward. No, this is not ‘fake news’ but truth.


How can we forget about the lopsided Paris Climate Agreement, which he rightly pulled out of saving his country mega spondulacks every year. Even he realised that ‘climate change’ is a shambolic hoax. He also ended the Obama-war on coal, which had strangled the industry, and caused a new mine for coal to open that will mine clean coal, and get miners back to work. Because of new and tighter policies illegal immigration, at the Mexican border, is now down 70%, the lowest in 17 years. And, yes, contract bids for the ‘great border wall’ are well underway.


He also got rid of this gender-bender nonsense and exchanged it with a common-sense rule that humans with male anatomy use men’s rooms and those with female anatomy use women’s rooms. Within six months he also rolled back many godless ‘LGBT protections’ (no more rainbow flags will be flying, either inside or outside, at the White House) while his pro-life policies, which he continues to advance, has already saved the lives of countless babies. He is vehemently against abortion and so are we.


While the Trump hating media and militant left won’t acknowledge any of this, because he doesn’t tick the ‘right and proper’ boxes, a listing of his achievements would more than fill all the pages of a full-sheet newspaper. The US president may not be an angel but at least he has in sight his country’s motto, ‘In God We Trust.’ Maybe that’s why he’s doing so well.


Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road



Letter:  In praise of Trump  

4 December 2017