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“Humanists look to science instead of religion as the best way to discover and understand the world. Humanists believe empathy and compassion can make the world a better place for everyone.”


A key phrase here is ‘without religion.’ The Oxford Dictionary defines religion as “the belief in the existence in a god or gods and the activities connected with the worship.” I believe that everyone has the choice whether to live with or without religion and a Humanist by definition has made the choice not to.


Mr Morrison has made the choice to follow religion and this letter is a condemnation on those who do not follow the same religion as he does by quoting all the biblical texts. A Christian funeral is conducted with prayers, psalms, bible readings and within a framework that Mr Morrison would recognise.


A Humanist funeral is “a personal and fitting way to say goodbye to those who have lived without religion. Humanist funerals bring people together to express sadness at the loss but also to celebrate the life lived. They focus sincerely and affectionately on the person who has died, paying tribute to thee way they lived their life, and to the connections they made and left behind.”


With this in mind why should the Bible be read, why should there be prayers, psalms sung and references be made to any word of divine truth? These would be against Humanist beliefs and the Humanist ethos.


It would be interesting to hear the views of the deceased’s family and close friends as they presumably would have acted in accordance with the wishes and beliefs of the deceased.


There is much more that I could raise about my reactions to Mr Morrison’s judgement and seeming intolerance of his fellow man who chose not to follow the same path as him. I will save this for another time. I will add however that I believe in God and profess to be a Christian.


Caroline Waddell


46 North Galson

Isle of Lewis




I write in response to Donald Morrison’s recent letter about Humanist funerals. This letter really made me see red in several ways.


The main issue being that a funeral, whatever a person’s belief, religion or faith should be a ceremony that is conducted in such a way which reflects the wishes and beliefs of the deceased.


The British Humanist Association gives the following definition of humanism on their website: “Humanists think for themselves about what is right and wrong, based on reason and respect for others. Humanists find meaning, beauty and joy in the one life we have without the need for an afterlife.

Letter: Missing the point on Humanist practices

8 May 2017