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It is clearly evident that SNP members at Westminster do not have their own mind. Rather, they are dictated to by what their militant bosses in Edinburgh say, and woe to any member who ignores them. ‘Do as you are told’ is the instruction from Holyrood. ‘We will unequivocally comply with your wishes’ is the unanimous response.


When MPs recently voted for a snap general election on 8 June, the SNP group remained silent. Instead of voting, they all – yes all – abstained. One would honestly think they didn’t want their own personal political hot-seat in the House of Commons filled again. Don't you believe it!


Since Theresa May made the formal announcement, these very SNP MP’s have been very vocal in the press, media and on the streets, clamouring to get your vote and back into Westminster. What sheer hypocrisy. Political correctness silenced them in voting for an election, now none are more active, and as boisterous, in capitalising on every opportunity to win your vote, desperately so, and get re-elected.

Letter:  “Hoodwinking” Scotland

3 June 2017

Are they trying to hoodwink the people of Scotland? If, as these SNP MPs vigorously claim ‘we are to be followed’ then surely the best and wisest thing that voters can do on 8 June, is follow their example and abstain from voting for them. Muted they were, when they were asked to vote, and so should we. The best thing that can happen on 8 June, is that they all - yes, including the Western Isles member - lose their seat at Westminster.


This would leave us with a glimmer of hope that both Dr David Wilson and Archie Harper would, at break-neck speed, be muted as well.


Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road