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MP Angus B MacNeil has expressed disbelief over the Home Office’s refusal to grant an island youngster a passport because she is unable to provide her mother’s birth certificate.


The girl was being looked after by her father until he passed away. She is now cared for by her paternal grandparents.


Her passport application was refused because her mother’s birth certificate was not supplied.


On the advice of the Home Office, the family proceeded to apply for registration as a British Citizen – they were subsequently told this was not necessary and to apply for a status letter, which was refused because the Home Office is unable to confirm she is a British citizen.

“Callous” Home Office leaves island girl “stateless”

12 Oct 2017

Home Office claim that she cannot derive an automatic claim to British citizenship through her late father and despite numerous attempts she has been unable to get hold of her mother’s birth certificate.


Angus MacNeil said: “This is probably the most callous case I have worked on in my time as MP.


“Here we have a girl who simply wants a passport but the cruel actions of the Home Office prevent her from doing what many of us take for granted.


“The family have been going round in circles since the passport application was refused.


“The Home Office refuse to accept her late father’s birth certificate – citing the British Nationality Act 1981.


“Having made enquiries with several agencies the reaction is the same  utter disbelief that a girl born in Scotland is being asked to apply to become a British citizen.


“To add insult to injury the Home Office is suggesting that she applies for registration as a British citizen – this girl was born in Scotland – if the Home Office can’t confirm she is a British citizen then what is she? Stateless?


“I will continue to maintain pressure on the Home Office - it is simply wrong that she is being treated in such a callous way.”