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A much smaller scheme will replace plans for major improvements for the water network in north Harris.


Proposals for a new £7 million pipeline to run from Tarbert and Hushinish have been officially ditched.


Four water treatment works were due to be replaced.


Instead, Scottish Water will upgrade its treatment plant at Govig and lay a three mile long pipeline to Husinish, where the existing treatment works will no longer be required.


A new balancing tank will be provided at Miabhaig and further water treatment works at Cliasmol will be retained.


The reduced works will cost around £2.5 million.


The utility firm axed the longer mains pipeline improvements due to a “significant increase” in price.


Scottish Water said it jumped the gun by announcing the proposals for a larger scheme before properly assessing the  cost-effectiveness of the small Husinish works.


Scottish Water Director of Capital Investment Mark Dickson said: “We recognise that the proposal for North Harris is a reduced level of investment compared with the longer water main from Tarbert that was previously proposed.


“However, we believe that the new scheme can meet the current and future needs of our customers by making use of the existing good quality water resources in the area.  


“There is significant capacity to accommodate planned development and new connections from properties currently served by private water supplies.”

Major Harris water pipeline cancelled in favour of smaller scheme

14 June 2017