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A squadron of Gurkhas has landed in the Western Isles for an army exercise.


The soldiers are testing out their driving skills on the “challenging” and single track roads across Lewis and Harris.


For the next few days the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment is involved in manoeuvres replicating delivering humanitarian aid supplies to remote communities.


The army said the hilly, narrow, twisting roads in the island proves valuable training for the squadron compared to the wide, straight motorways they are more used to near their Aldershot base.


Testing out their driving skills on island single track roads is “challenging and demanding” said a British Army spokesperson.


Some of the squadron are members of the Gurkha regimental pipe band including Lance Corporal Lokraj who piped the troops and military trucks on and off the ferry on Saturday.


Camp has been set up outside Stornoway and this week they will be involved in driving exercises “focused on maximising time behind the wheel allowing the soldiers to develop and practice their skills in challenging and unfamiliar terrain which is key to shaping the ongoing force development of the unit,” said a spokesperson.


She added: “You will see an increase in army vehicle movement on the roads but every effort will be made not to cause any unnecessary issues or delays to members of the public.”


The squadron has a strong operational pedigree, having seen service in Balkans, both Gulf wars, and Afghanistan.


More recently they have served in Sierra Leone as part of the response to the Ebola breakout.



Gurkha squadron on island manoeuvres

26 February 2018