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A viable broadband connection is something which most people consider a necessity in this modern age, so why are our islands at the back of the queue to even get the basics? According to the Scottish Government, the whole of Scotland will have access to superfast broadband by 2021.


I think Mr Ewing, the community in Grimsay would appreciate knowing when they will get a reliable service of standard broadband.


Oh, but you'll “ask Scottish Government officials to keep (Rhoda Grant) and the community association updated on when Uist may see an upgrade.' The lack of information and timescale here is not good enough I'm afraid.


This illustrates a wider problem of the lack of interest the Scottish Government has in the issues which are affecting our island communities. You just have to look at the shambolic state of the crofter payments to get an insight into how low down the priority list our communities are. Economic regeneration is essential if our islands are to have a viable future. A modern economy requires access to reliable broadband.


Surely the government should be able to tell us when our communities will be able to access this service. And if not, the cabinet secretary should come in person to explain what the delay is.


Ealasaid MacDonald


18 Benside

Isle of Lewis






This week we have heard from Rhoda Grant MSP that the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity is too busy to visit Grimsay to hear about the, quite frankly, woeful broadband connectivity in the area.


Mrs Grant did not just ask him to visit on a whim - the local community association has been lobbying her regarding the lack of broadband connection and felt that Fergus Ewing would have a better understanding of the issue if he could experience it first hand.


Letter:  Lack of information over Grimsay broadband

29 June 2017