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The doctor’s surgery in Pairc may be relocated to a different village under a new proposal.

Locals were surprised to learn of the plan to move the GP service from Gravir to the Kershader Resource Centre.


Some are expressing concern as the present surgery is purpose built and has served the community for many years.


The resource centre houses a playgroup and occupied offices leaving only a couple of small rooms available to house the doctor’s surgery.


Community landlord, Pairc Trust, is planning to purchase the  resource centre from the council.


Villagers said people in outlying villages will find the proposed change difficult. Many believe the Kershader building is not suitable for all the GP services currently provided, resulting in a reduced service.

Fears relocating Gravir GP surgery will diminish service

14 March 2017

One fear is of eventual centralisation of the service to the North Lochs practice in Leurbost.


A public meeting due to be held to discuss the move has been postponed.


Pairc Trust said the meeting will discuss “the trust’s proposals to purchase the old Doctors’ House/GP Surgery in Gravir and the resource centre in Kershader.

“If this were to go ahead the GP Surgery would relocate to Kershader.”

It added: “Nothing has been agreed or decided. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the NHS to address the concerns of local people. The NHS/GP surgery will explain why they are considering a relocation.”