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Regarding the vandalism of the fence at Aignish Cemetery, as both a dog lover and also somebody who deems the final resting place of those who have passed away sacred. I believe those areas should be kept free from animal interference.


Making the assumption from what was suggested locally that this has in fact been a pet owner who feels aggrieved about the barbed wire, then they might want to ask themselves how they would feel if their pet once over the fence, cocked a leg on the grave stone of their parents, sibling, children.


Quite simply if the barbed wire is required to keep the livestock and pets from jumping the fence then it is needed. Does this person or persons now travel the island cutting all barbed wire fences they come across?


I walk my dog along the beach and around the cemetery fence. If my dog attempted to jump the fence I would be correcting his behaviour before thinking about vandalising the fence.


We are lucky that there is enough free areas to walk with our pets on the island. Can we leave the small areas which we keep aside for those who have gone before us free from animals and therefore animal waste.


Sandy Morrison

32a East Street


Isle of Lewis


Letter:  Graveyard vandalism

28 November 2017