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Fierce rivalry on the Stornoway - Glasgow route has resulted in ticket prices dropping as low as £34 for islanders using the Scottish Government air discount scheme.


Loganair and Flybe launched competing plane services today.


Loganair is now flying as an independent airline in its own right for the first time in 25 years.


The Paisley company’s monopoly on the vast majority of mainland to island routes ended when its franchise agreement with Flybe ended on Thursday night.


Flybe has teamed up with Eastern Airways to challenge its old ally on the Glasgow service.


Starting prices for early bookers between Lewis and the central belt are now about a third less than the standard cheapest fare previously available.


















Loganair slashed its prices when Flybe announced it was entering the market.


Vincent Hodder, Flybe’s chief revenue officer, slammed Loganair for charging “high prices” to islanders which deterred people from travelling.


He said “low prices stimulates extra traffic.”


Flybe’s chief executive Christine Ourmieres-Widener, said the flights “demonstrate our long-term commitment to Scotland and provide much needed choice on some of the lifeline routes so critical to the Scottish Highlands and Islands.”


Loganair claims Flybe’s extra charges for bags and credit cards payments would mean a “huge extra cost for passengers” and wipe out any headline savings.

Airline boss Jonathan Hinkles said they are focusing on a “combination of service, price and reliability” to provide lifeline services.

Prices fall to £34 as competition takes off on Stornoway - Glasgow flights   

1 September 2017

Flybe is continuing the Stornoway - Glasgow service using Eastern planes