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2.13am SNP win Western Isles


2.06am Declaration expected soon. SNP likely to win with reduced majority


1.40am  SNP expected a reduced majority but no way by the figures that appear to be emerging here in Stornoway.


1.39am Tense situation for the SNP in the Western Isles. The outcome looks pretty tight but they seem likely to slide home albeit with a heavily dented majority.


1.38am SNP’s Angus Macneil looking relieved after first look at Uist and Barra ballot boxes.


1.33am Labour camp buzzing around the tables while most of the SNP camp has retreated to the back of the hall.


1.24am SNP’s Angus MacNeil had a 4102 majority in 2015. Labour is eroding that figure with gusto.


1.22am Southern Isles papers are being verified.


1.20am Uist and Barra ballot boxes have arrived. Counting hall is a hive of activity again


1.06am  All quiet here in the election counting centre in Stornoway sports centre. Awaiting the plane to arrive with ballot boxes from the Southern Isles. They will have to be opened and verified first before counting can begin


1.02am SNP on a knife edge in Western Isles. Ballot boxes from Uist and Barra may rally their hopes. Many worried looking faces in the SNP camp. Their majority is down but by how much? Is it enough to win?


00.58am Labour on a high here in Stornoway. Even if they lose, Labour candidate Ealasaid MacDonald is giving the SNP a hammering for the first time in years.


00.48am Western Isles SNP hope to draw some comfort from postal votes.


00.26am  SNP in trouble in Western Isles. SNP activists looking very glum indeed.


00.12am Plane has left Benbecula with Southern Isles ballot boxes. Due Stornoway around 1.10am


00.08 This election may be looking tight at present for Western Isles SNP.


00.06am  Labour candidate Ealasaid MacDonald has a big grin on her face in the counting centre in Stornoway.


00.02am Initial soundings suggest Labour seems to be seriously chasing the SNP in the Western Isles. If the rest of the ballot boxes follow the same pattern Angus B Macneil may lose a good chunk of his majority.   


00.01am  Stornoway boxes all counted.


23.41pm All ballot boxes from Lewis and Harris have arrived in the Stornoway counting centre

Election 2017 - Photos from the count

Election 2017 -  Photos opening the ballot boxes  

22.35pm Barra Boxes have arrived on Eriskay and are now being transported to Balivanich airport

23.23pm Counting begins for votes from Point, North Tolsta, Back and Tong

23.01pm Verification process for Point area ballot slips gets underway

22.47pm  Ballot slips for Stornoway have been verified and counting is commencing.

22.45pm  Ballot boxes from Barra due to set off by boat across the Sound of Barra to Eriskay. There there will be transported - collecting South Uist boxes on the way - to Benbecula.  Ballot boxes from North Uist and Benecula will also be driven to the airport. A plane from Hebridean Airways has been charted to fly the Uist and Barra boxes to Stornoway.

10.05pm First ballot box - for Stornoway South ward - arrives at counting centre in Stornoway

10.02pm Counters patiently waiting in the counting hall at the Stornoway sports centre.

10pm  Polls close

General Election 2017