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Hebrides News



A south westerly gale is forecast to bring rain, strong winds and rough seas to the Western Isles on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A slow-moving low in the Atlantic will deepen as it moves between the Hebrides and Iceland.

Wind speeds are expected to strengthen over Tuesday, reaching force eight later in the day and overnight into the following day.

As wind speeds increase a band of heavy rain is set to pass over the Hebrides.

At present, the worst conditions are forecast for Barra and South Uist where gusts around 55mph may be experienced at the peak of the gale.

By noon Wednesday the low will be centred over the Faroes bringing strong westerly winds, perhaps touching gale force again, to the islands.  

Thursday should be drier, brighter and breezy before more rainfall on Friday.  


Gale forecast

8 Oct 2017