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Two Gaelic drama productions: Aisling Meadhan Oidhche Samhraidh [A Midsummer Night’s Dream] & Togail Nàisean [Building a Nation] are on tour in the Western Isles.


Aisling Meadhan Oidhche Samhraidh, is a one man performance by Daibhidh Walker and comes from the team who brought the critically acclaimed MacBheatha to the Edinburgh Festival Stage.


It mixes the rich poetic language of Shakespeare with some perfectly scripted contemporary belly laughs, confidently showcasing puppetry within one of Shakespeare best love plays.


Togail Nàisean is a spoken word and sound performance by poet and Gaelic learner Martin O’Connor.


Steeped in the industrial voice of his own Glaswegian Scots, he explores the personal relationship with voice, accent and dialect and unearths the words we lose when we leave the land for the city, the words we lose when a place is swept away by deindustrialization, and the words we lose when we are disconnected from our cultural identity.


He challenges perceptions of the Scottish cringe and the voice as a class indicator and asks if Gaelic accents carry the same bias or result in the same marginalisation.  It is provocative performance art and spoken word performance by one of Scotland’s most sought after Scottish writers and artists.


The plays - produced by Glasgow Life - are performed tonight (Thurs) with a double bill in Stornoway, North Uist on Saturday and South Uist on Monday.


Gaelic drama productions on tour

5 Oct 2017