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A group of primary school children from the east end of Glasgow have become internet sensations after their Gaelic musical version of ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ went viral on YouTube.


Views of the film, which features youngsters from Caledonia Primary enacting the story in their school grounds in Baillieston, have climbed dramatically to nearly 2.2 million.


The film, made with the help of the Grounds for Learning charity, shows the pupils from P1 and 2 ‘hunting’ for a bear.


Dressed in oilskins and wellies, they go splashing through the mud and creeping through concrete tunnels, while singing the words to Tha Sinn a’ Dol a Shireadh Mathan, a Gaelic version of the kids’ classic story by Michael Rosen.

The pupils have being learning a taste of Gaelic through classroom resources created by Stòrlann.







Gaelic 'bear hunting' video is internet sensation

30 August 2017