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Flybe plans to base a plane at Stornoway airport about two nights a week, offering a “first flight in the morning” departure and better service to Glasgow.


Improvements being drawn up include changing timings on the route and a more robust schedule.


Arrangements are being made to hold a public meeting in Stornoway to reaffirm the firm’s commitment for the Glasgow service.


The airline insists it is “very confident” it will not axe flights as it did in Shetland.


Flybe’s Scottish regional manager David Paterson said: “We are looking forward to offering a service from Stornoway to Glasgow for many years to come.”


“All the data” shows there is room for two carriers on the Scottish island routes.


“Competition always provides lower fares and that is proven on the Glasgow - Stornoway route where fares have reduced by 20% to 40% since competition was introduced. We think these fares are sustainable.”


Plans for Lewis includes an “improved service.”


Flybe says quitting Shetland was an “isolated case” involving factors - such as unreliability and delays - not relevant for the Stornoway service.


Loganair says the rivalry is financially harmful with fares dropping to “unsustainable levels” causing heavy losses for both airlines.

Flybe to base plane overnight at Stornoway

18 December 2017