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Three men have completed a formidable 21 mile long swim from Flannan Isles to Uig in Lewis.

Colin S Macleod, Ed Smith, and Stuart Baird swam in relay formation from Eilean Mòr, the main island in the Flannan group, to Uig.

The mystery of the remote Flannans when three lighthouse keepers vanished without trace nearly 117 years ago has inspired poems, songs, an opera and even a forthcoming movie, but never before did it motivate attempts at a fund raising charity challenge.











Each swimmer represented one of the three lighthouse keepers who vanished from the rocky outpost in December 1900.

Plans to spend the night in the exposed lighthouse on the highest spot 90 metres above the sea were curtailed when the weather deteriorated so the trio came off the island snatched some sleep in the support boat before their early morning start.

Each man took a turn for 45 minutes then rested onboard the MV Cuma support boat from Island Cruising, skippered by Murdanie MacDonald, until it was time to go back in the water again.

They were supported by three kayakers to guide them along during the swim.

Closer to the Uig coast a riptide worked against them, slowing down progress.

Eventually they arrived at Ardoil beach on Monday night.

Money raised is being donated to the RNLI.

Endurance swimmers accomplish Flannan Isles quest

15 August 2017

Ed Smith, Stuart Baird and Colin Macleod

The 21 mile swim across open sea