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A memorial to commemorate the Flannan Isles’ lighthouse keepers is being unveiled on Friday.

The three keepers at Flannan Isle off Lewis vanished without trace December 1900, a mystery which has intrigued many over the past 115 years.

When off duty the keepers lived with their families in Cnoc Mor in Breasclete.

Designer James Crawford has crafted a sculpture of a bronze wave sweeping over a sandstone lighthouse sitting on a Lewisian gneiss boulder.

A public unveiling takes place at the village shoreline where the lighthouse ship would transport the keepers to the island.

Afterwards, people are invited to a reception in Breasclete Community Centre where an exhibition based on the events will be opened.

The lighthouse keepers - James Ducat, Thomas Marshall and Donald Macarthur, from Breasclete - are thought to have been overwhelmed by severe weather.  

Memorial to commemorate Flannan Isles’ lighthouse keepers

13 December 2017