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Isles MSP, Alasdair Allan, has condemned the UK government's “sell out” of Scotland's fishing industry after it agreed to hand back control of fishing grounds to the EU on Brexit day next year.


That means obeying the despised quotas for 21 months after leaving the European Union.


The UK will not even have a vote at fisheries negotiations, giving it will have even less control than at present.


Last week after Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove insisted “Britain will leave the Common Fisheries Policy as of March 2019.”


Alasdair Allan slammed the u-turn, saying it gives the “lie to her claim that her MPs 'have the ear of government.'”


The pro-remainer politician said the “one possible claimed advantage of Brexit was that our islander fishermen would no longer be restricted by the CFP.”


“The SNP have long held the position that while we believe that Scotland's future is best served within the European Union; the CFP is something which needs fundamentally reformed, or scrapped altogether.


“This transition deal however delivers nothing for our island fishermen.


“It is shameful that at this stage of negotiations, the Tories have sold out the fishing communities here in the islands, and right across Scotland once again.”


UK Government accused of “sell-out” of fishing industry

20 March 2018