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Power over fishing needs to be given to the Scottish Government to prevent Scottish interests in the industry being negotiated away any further says isles MP Angus Brendan MacNeil.


Fishermen were promised full control over the country's fishing waters next March, on the day the UK formally leaves the EU.


Instead, trawlers from Europe will still be allowed to fish within the 200 mile limit until the end of 2020.


Angus MacNeil MP said: “This is a massive betrayal to fishermen who were promised by the Tory Government they would regain control again – what we are seeing here is not regaining control but losing control.


“The Tories have been leading fishermen up the garden path – we simply cannot trust the Tories to do what is best for Scotland’s fishing industry.


“This is the first betrayal by the Tory MPs who are only now after the event telling the Prime Minister how important fisheries are. Just what have they been doing for the past year?”


Anger over Westminster fishery “betrayal”

20 March 2018